Well, bye I guess.
Me ;; Smile Chair
I tried, but it looks like no one has an interest keeping the game going. Sorry.

Who: St. Lopez
What: Bewaring Greeks Bearing Gifts
Where: Perspicacity
When: Monday

"Where can I get one?"Collapse )

Private to Jesse
Me ;; Regret
Hey. I really had fun on Sunday. And Monday morning. And I'm not super good at... expressing shit, or whatever, so I thought you should know.

LOG: Finntana Done Goofed
Finn ;; Close
Who: Finntana
What: Fite Nite
Where: Donny Most
When: Monday

It’s not cool and it’s not attractive.Collapse )

LOG: St. Lopez Do Dating
Me ;; True Colors
Who: St. Lopez
What: Dating Games
Where: Lopez Residence, Some date-type place
When: Sunday Evening

A little cheesy and overdone, but I’ll take it.Collapse )

LOG: Kurtana Has Some Splainin' To Do
Kurt & Artie ;; Kiss
Who: Kurtana
What: Angry Facing (but not really)
Where: Hummel/Hudson Residence
When: Friday Afternoon

Smug. Seemed like Kurt would just have to get used to Santana getting it her way.Collapse )

LOG: Kurtcedes and the Actual Conversation
WHO: Kurt Hummel and Mercedes Jones
WHAT: Werds are being had.
WHEN: Thursday 'round lunch.
WHERE: The Hudson/Hummel home

Haven’t seen each other in years and fall completely apart on either side of the country. At least you stayed fabulous.Collapse )

Personal Entry: Public
Back in Lima.

Did I mention I hate planes?

LOG: Kurtcedes have some words
WHO: Mercedes Jones and Kurt Hummel.

WHAT: Long time no seizure.

WHEN: Sunday morning.

WHERE: Hummel/Hudson residence.

No, no, not fun, not good, don't do that.Collapse )

LOG: Kurtana Tears Lima a New One
Uncontrollable laughter
WHO: Kurt Hummel and Santana Lopez.
WHAT: Poppin bottles in the ice, like a blizzard, etc.
WHEN: Friday night.
WHERE: The Back Door/The Park.

Seemed like it occasionally paid off to have a raunchy lady gay in your inner circle.Collapse )


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